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  • Integrated, interactive & intelligent Excel Models

    i3BAR, for business analytics & reporting

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  • 15, 16, 17 november 2017 - Amsterdam
  • 09:30 - 17:30, 09:30 - 17:30, 09:30 - 17:30
  • 20
  • Advanced help

    Fundamental: cursussen die gevolgd kunnen worden zonder uitgebreide ervaring met het onderwerp. Een groot deel van deze cursussen is op postdoctoraal niveau.

    Advanced: verdieping op specifieke onderwerpen, voor RA’s, AA’s en RC’s die fundamentals beheersen.

    Expert: verdieping voor senior financial executives (advanced +).

  • Openbaar accountants, Accountants in business, Intern accountants, MKB-accountants, Overheidsaccountants, Overige financieel professionals, Controllers
  • Externe verslaggeving, Finance, Management accounting & control

  • Note: The course is in English, based on the English version of Excel. You should bring your own laptop running MS Excel. Course instructions assume Windows laptops, you can use the Apple Mac version of Excel - in which case you should be aware of where to find key functions and menu options.

    hotel arrangement excluded

    RC's ontvangen een korting van 200 Euro op de niet-leden prijs.

This program focuses on the integrated, interactive and intelligent Excel Models for Business Analytics & Reporting (i3BAR) methodology and its revolutionary approach to reporting and analytics. Through intensive hands-on, practical exercises, you will learn to create impressive, powerful and interactive reports for decision-making that are structured, flexible and reliable. It requires no additional software, add-ons or licenses. i3BAR has been proven in practice by practitioners worldwide to reduce the time needed to carry out routine reporting from hours and days down to minutes.


Successfully apply i3BAR techniques at work to provide fresh perspectives on business challenges and opportunities. Transform the nature of your role by freeing up significant time from reporting for added value analysis and critical projects. i3BAR will enable you to:

  • Integrate data from disparate data sources into Excel
  • Build reliable and sustainable excel-based reporting models
  • Construct interactive models for decision making
  • Create scenarios and what-if analysis for budgeting
  • Produce visually attractive and impactful reports


This course is Excel-driven but is not about Excel functions. Rather it is the application and combination of those functions in the most creative manner to meet your needs in the workplace. An overview of the 3-day course:

  • Pre-course learning as preparation for the course
  • Day 1: Integrate Multiple Data Source/Data Transformation
  • Day 2: Build and Present Interactive Reports
  • Day 3: Budget Simulation and Intelligence
  • Optional post course project to consolidate and embed learning and to earn a certificate of competency in Business Analytics

Bestemd voor

CFO's, financial controllers, accountants, finance managers, business managers who find generating management reports too time-consuming and rigid for analysis purposes. Good prior knowledge of Excel is assumed. In order to make optimal use of the course you must have been using Excel for at least 2 years.